Goodbye Summer Salad

It hurts my heart to say this but…summer is almost over. I look forward to fall but there is something about the end of summer that makes me sad. Like I have to grow up now or something. No more lounging by the pool or watching fireflies at night. Summer seems to give us permission to play more than other seasons. This year I plan on carrying that spirit with me into all the seasons!  Since I am trying to squeeze in every last bit of summer that’s left, I made this salad last night using two of my favorite summer vegetables. Super simple and refreshing!

Kirby cucumbers peeled and chunked. I remove the middle core of seeds- sometimes they are not easy to digest.

I cut up a bradley tomato, halved some red and yellow cherry tomatoes, and slivered some white onion. I only like a hint of onion, not big chunks.

I added plain greek yogurt (bonus protein source!), red wine vinegar and a dash of pepper. I like a light vinegar since cucumbers seem to soak up balsamic and become too strongly flavored. They are like little sponges. Mix really well and let chill overnight.

To me, this salad tastes like summer and the longer it marinates the stronger the flavors. It’s also good to use in pita sandwiches as a condiment.

What will you miss about summer the most?


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  1. Jenny's Serendipity
    Sep 03, 2012 @ 12:06:23



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