Finding Balance ……and Berries🍓

️Spring is finally here in Middle Tennessee after a long, harsh winter. Proof was at the 12south farmers market yesterday where fresh local strawberries were on display.  There’s no going back now…….imageThat is a theme in my life right now- no going back.  As I have navigated my way the last couple years between career moves and lifestyle changes I’ve found myself wondering about what propels us forward. Sometimes we choose to move, sometimes we are forced, but either way there is movement. Just like the seasons our lives change constantly. And for every ending, there has to be a fresh sweet beginning- like the berries.

My my life now is centered around trying to find BALANCE. Usually that means trying to find more time, but for me it’s more internal.  Balance between past and future, self and others, work and play, physical and spiritual…….


Local strawberries will be around for just a few short weeks. The sweetness and goodness they offer is fleeting so enjoy them to the fullest. The present moment is like that too. I try to not get caught up in the future or dwell on the past, but instead relish the ripe present moment.


10 Spring-Cleaning Tips for your Diet

Spring is almost here and we are ready to renew, refresh and clear-out clutter. Cleaning up the yard and home is awesome and necessary, but have you considered cleaning up your diet? I am not talking about a deep cleanse or fasting- I don’t do those. I believe a gentler, more moderate approach creates lasting effects. Here are some things you can try out and see what feels right for you:

1. Start the day with a cup of warm lemon water on an empty stomach. It naturally and gently cleanses the lympthatic and digestive system.


2. Switch from fruit juices to the whole piece of fruit. Instead of a glass of orange juice, which is high in sugar, eat an orange and get the benefits of the fiber. (Same with apple, grape, etc)

fruits at farmers market

3. If you eat meat add in 1 or more meatless day to your week. Substitute veggies in your sandwiches and explore other sources of protein like beans and nuts.

beans and rice

4. Keep eating your greens and add in more raw greens too. Kale, spinach, broccoli, parsley, dark lettuces all have tons of phytonutrients and chlorophyl which is a natural cleanser. Just as in winter when we eat more grounding, root veggies, Spring begs for lightness and growth with sun-reaching plants like greens.

Dark leafy greens

5. Lighten up on the dairy products. If you still drink cows milk, try coconut or almond milk instead. Dairy causes mucous build-up and with spring allergies this can be a major issue for some people.

6. Eat less food more frequently. Smaller meals are easier on your system and as the weather warms up, we naturally need less food.

small lunch

7. Drink more water. We will begin needing even more hydration than usual in the coming season so get into the habit now. Carry a bottle with you and keep it full.

8. Use fresh herbs. Throw some parsley into your next juice or smoothie, it is one of the most cleansing foods we can eat. Add cilantro, basil, thyme into your cooking for exciting flavor without salt.

thyrme and cilantro

9. If you haven’t already, try eliminating white flour and white sugar from your diet. These are both very processed and sugar is potentially addicting. Try whole wheat flour, oat flour, almond flour for baking. Switch to natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, agave or brown rice syrup.

10. Eat outside! As the weather permits, why not enjoy your meal in the fresh air and sun? Get away from your desk or, worse yet, Television set and eat in nature!


How do you “Spring-Clean”?