Magnificent Moonflowers

I am fascinated with this mysterious plant. The moonflower is a member of the ipomoea family. Morning glories would be it’s daytime sister plant.  Blooming only at night, when the sun begins to set, it is HIGHLY fragrant and lasts only until sunrise. Such a short, sweet life that takes so long to arrive- I think it’s the most unusual, exotic plant that I am lucky enough to be able to grow. It takes a lot patience though as they really take time to begin their journey upwards but the rewards are heavenly. It’s also a late summer bloomer that really only gets going around this time of year.

I started these seeds in April and a storm blew over my egg carton.  I was able to salvage a few seedlings

Almost 8 weeks later in June- just starting to come to life and look like a vine

Later in the summer, the green lushness takes over but still no buds. More patience…..

Then in mid-august- Buds! They stay like this for 24 hours before opening.

FINALLY! You can actually watch them slowly unfurl and open  to saucer sized pure white blooms at dusk.  It’s quite magical to watch

This is what I wait for all summer…..

It’s interesting what we can learn from gardening and growing things from seed. Patience, perseverance, anticipation and accomplishment when we finally see the results.

I wish you could smell this post!


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  1. patknapp
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 17:07:23

    I am wondering if this is the plant we loved so much – by waiting until dark, then going outside just to get the odor of this wondrous beautiful plant.


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