“Before I started working with Carole-Ann, I knew I wanted practical knowledge about how to eat healthier but wasn’t sure exactly how much I would benefit from working with a nutrition counselor. I thought it was for people who have major issues with food and exercise. You tend to take for granted all of the things that play into your health; it involves EVERYTHING! Carole-Ann has been my therapist and my healthy-living guide, but not without requiring me to do the introspective work. She held me accountable for my growth, but it is the absolutely the greatest feeling to have come through stronger, healthier, and more self-aware. Working with Carole-Ann is an absolute must for anyone looking to put a little magic into their life.”

-Heather A.

“I have admittedly been riding the diet pendulum for a decade now. My pattern is to vacillate from no carbs and extreme exercise regimens to “what’s one more burger gonna hurt.” After several months of intense self evaluation and multiple very insightful sit-downs w/ CA and CreateWholeHealth, I have finally begun to understand the root of the yo yo patterns. Of course I understood the importance of eating healthy, this program went way deeper into emotional issues, mood swings, the power of my thoughts AND my words. Not only have I learned valuable lessons about the importance of dark, leafy greens such as Broccoli Raab and Swiss Chard, but also the interconnectedness of physical activity, spirituality, relationships and career issues. My eyes finally have been opened to the concept that WHOLE health is the key to being fit, feeling great AND looking great – it’s not just a diet anymore.”


“I came to CreateWholeHealth to deal with sleep issues, weight gain, and low energy. By learning about whole foods, self-care, relaxation, and how to combat cravings, I have noticed major improvement in all of these areas. Carole-Ann is a very caring, non-threatening coach and I found the whole experience to be very easy and comfortable. She is genuinely passionate in educating people regarding their choices to better their health and lifestyle. You will be challenged and surprised at what you will learn about yourself and how tuned into your body you can become”  

-Mindy B.

“I was diagnosed about 10 years back with Ankylosing Spondilitis. It’s a unique form of arthritis that is actually regenerative so resting too long, moving too much; with pain on a constant basis have been my neighbors. I met Carole-Ann back in Aug of ’12. She had been mentoring me and showing me the art and philosophies of yoga. I was already familiar with some the stances/poses from my own personal  desire to stretch in a certain direction, yet the atmosphere and persona that Carole-Ann offers has encouraged me to pursue the knowledge and wisdom that she possesses. Within I would say a month, I had not only mentally, but also physically noticed an improvement in my posture and relief in places where I’ve felt tightness and  pain for a very long time. There is a tremendous amount of both flexibility as well as a loss of pain! ”

-Christopher F.


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