A little more about me

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Personal Loves:  I feel the happiest when I’m not wearing shoes. The rest of these things also make me very happy: Cooking, the sound of an owl, real food, the smell of hay, ripe mangoes, michael jackson, farmers markets, tuberose, beaches, yoga, teaching people about yoga, studying yoga, bookstores, jack johnson, candles, michael franti, going barefoot, massages, writing, reading, daydreaming, the wonderful man in my life, nag champa, gulf shrimp, kids in wagons, open minds, sweating from working out, lifting weights, bonfires, the desert, houseplants, tropical fish, herbal tea, dolphins, gelato, pesto, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, roasted almonds, Rob Brezney’s Freewill Astrology, mourning doves, hummingbirds, colorful tattoos, eccentric people, sharing what I have, buddhist statues, religious artifacts, fresh juice, cilantro, hello kitty stuff, the smell of cupcakes, texas, foot rubs, fresh strawberries, great smelling shampoo, grilled anything, coconut everything, summer thunderstorms, donna delory, Spring, lavender oil, black and white tv shows, lilac bushes, garlic, crispy pizza crust, feta cheese, water, pools, latin music, crickets at night, good lip balm, sleeping, funny people, pigeon pose, local stores, hiking, the earth, the smell of pine, shivasana, tahini, meeting new friends, saturday afternoon coffee, farm fresh eggs, watermelon, sincerity. 

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