A Slip-Up isn’t a Set-Back

So you’ve found a work-out plan that works for your schedule, you are prepping meals, packing your lunch, drinking more water, and feeling great. Things are going well and you’ve even noticed some changes in your weight and then………you get sidetracked. You eat the extra slice of pizza, the margarita, the dessert. You skip 2 days of exercise and decide to throw in the towel and go back to your old way of life. You feel destined to fail at every attempt of transforming your health.

Does this sound familiar? It should because it happens to everyone. Slip-ups are a part of change, but they are not the end. A slip-up could be ANYTHING that throws you off of your new path and new way of treating your body. It could be triggered by an event, a person, or an emotion. It can be hormonal, rebellious, seemingly innocent, or glaringly self-destructive. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the journey. It can be a valuable lesson.

When we slip-up it’s a good idea to be really aware of the circumstances around it. What happened? Who was involved? Do you always want an extra glass of wine with a certain friend? Or do you always eat heavy foods with your family on certain holidays? Do hormones trigger sadness which lead to bingeing?

Being mindful and aware can be half the battle when it comes to emotional eating and drinking


Once we are aware we can begin to make newer and better choices for our behavior. We can be in control of ourselves because we know how we will react.

Taking Control:

1. Know yourself. Know when and why you crave certain things. Keeping a food journal can be helpful to track patterns. Note the time, day, and who you were with.

2. Limit time with certain people that encourage you to overindulge. Be polite, but firm with your boundaries. Friends and family may mean well but can certainly sabotage your progress if they are not as interested or committed to their health as you are.

3. Be Prepared. Feeding yourself with healthy, nutritious foods and staying hydrated will help to curb cravings and overeating at events or during stressful “trigger” times.

delvin farms

4. Track your period. Follow your cycle so you know when your hormones are going to kick in and cause cravings or emotional roller-coaster rides so that you can prepare yourself for these. Being caught off guard is the worst thing.

5. Remember your goals. Keep them listed and read them daily. Create a vision board with inspiring images that will remind you of the big picture. And remember, 1 slip-up is not going to make a huge difference in the long run.

vision board

Stay focused, encouraged, and congratulate yourself on ALL your progress!


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