Clean Eating Cooking Essentials

I believe that in order to stick with something it needs to be simple enough to fit into YOUR lifestyle. If you have to change things around so much that your life does not feel like your own, then chances are you won’t stick with it. Whether it’s cooking, eating, or working out, make sure your plan makes sense for your schedule and life. I believe in keeping things super simple and convenient, especially in the kitchen.

Here a few of my favorite things that I always keep in stock in my kitchen to ensure clean and healthy cooking and eating all week long. 

Fresh Lemons

fresh lemon

1. squeeze the juice on greens, chicken, and fish. I use it before cooking and also right before serving 2. squeeze on fresh avocado or apple slices when storing to keep from turning brown 3. Use a slice in warm water in the morning for a gentle cleansing 4. Drink with water during the day as a natural appetite suppressant and source of vitamin C

Non-Stick Cooking Spray

I love the coconut oil spray! It smells good but doesn’t over power the flavor of food. I use on pans before cooking eggs every morning or spray in a measuring cup before honey or other sticky substance.

Nutritional Yeast

nutritional yeast

It sounds super healthy but I use it more as a flavor enhancer.  It actually contains essential B vitamins that are great for you. It gives greens, broccoli, or cauliflower a slightly tangy, “cheesy” taste. I sprinkle it on the veggies when they are warm and ready to be served. You could also use it on chicken or fish before baking.

Mrs Dash and other Herbs

I love me some Mrs Dash! She has saved my mornings by making my egg whites more exciting! It comes in many flavors and can be used on anything in the place of salt. Get comfortable trying new herbs and spices in your foods, you may never go back to salt.

Herbal Tea

herbal tea

I like to keep a good variety of flavors to help with cravings and for when I need to relax. I sometimes crave sweets really bad after a meal and I will use a nice herbal tea blend to help soothe that need. It’s also a good replacement for that nightly glass of wine.

A Variety of Oils

I use extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil for cooking. Each one has a slightly different flavor so it helps keep the daily chicken and veggies exciting.

Comfortable, Sturdy Cookware and Knives

I say “comfortable” because your cookware should feel great to YOU. It doesn’t matter if it’s from Target or Williams Sonoma or Goodwill. I use knives from a garage sale years ago and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Find what feels good in your hands and is easy to clean and store. Shopping for cookware can be intimidating so use your intuition, don’t buy something you don’t know how to use or clean.

I have 3 more weeks on my meal plan before getting tested again in the bod-pod. Goal is for my body fat to lower by 5% and muscle mass to increase from 88 to the high 90’s. Here is week 5 photo update

week 5 clean eating progress photo


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. A Table in the Sun
    Nov 07, 2013 @ 22:06:11

    I heartily concur that lemons should be in the #1 position (even though you didn’t rank your essentials.) I couldn’t live without fresh lemons….squeezed on salads and veggies, spritzed into sparkling mineral water, splashed onto soup, grated into baked goods, measure into pesto……………………..oh…..the possibilities are endless!


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