Are You Eating Enough??

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight or get lean is to cut back too much on caloric intake. We skip meals or replace food with smoothies or juice thinking we are burning up additional stores of fat by restricting calories. But actually the opposite is true. Our bodies go into “red alert” and begin to store more fat in preparation for fewer calories. That is our metabolism slowing down and who needs that?

Maybe it feels healthy to have a green juice for lunch when in reality that is not nearly enough calories, protein, or fiber to get you through the day. Eventually your body will crave more nutrients and this may lead to an unhealthy binge. Instead, choose REAL food in moderation that will fuel your body to move.

The point is: We need to eat more, not less, in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Eating smaller, more frequent meals balanced with protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats throughout the day will keep our metabolism up and our bodies fueled properly. Skip the no-carb or no-fat diets. Cutting out any particular food group in order to lose weight makes about as much sense as filling your gas tank with oil and expecting your car to run. We need it ALL to function properly.

Choose lean proteins, complex carbs, and lots of fresh vegetables- here is a typical lunch for me:

balanced meal

Cut out the processed and packaged foods, white sugar, white flour, and alcohol and you will find you have more energy, clarity, and focus. Unlike a diet, you won’t feel hungry or deprived when you are eating more often. It might be take more effort than skipping meals or buying a latte for lunch, but in the end it is what produces lasting results.

Preparation is the magic key with clean-eating. I prep most of my food for the week on Sunday evening

meal prepping

By the way, here is a 2 week photo update of my progress on a 6 week clean-eating meal plan. I took this just 2 weeks after changing my eating habits and already noticed a change in my body:

2 weeks progress

Want to learn more about creating healthy habits in your own life? Visit me at CreateWholeHealth


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    Oct 16, 2013 @ 19:59:27

    That is awesome!


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