Muffin Disaster, Storm-Chasing, and Breakfast Love…..

It’s been an interesting food week for me as I seem to have gone from craving weird things to having little appetite. Not sure what’s going on but I think it’s the heat, the summer solstice arriving, the full moon, etc. I am in the mood all the time for breakfast foods! Eggs, oatmeal, fruit, smoothies, juice, toast and peanut butter, pancakes, waffles…I think in my mind breakfast foods are comforting and represent a fresh start to the day.

I especially love Sunday breakfasts. It’s  my one day of the week to stay in my pj’s, drink tea slowly, and listen to music while I leisurely cook something fancy.

belgian waffle

My favorite belgian waffles with fruit, greek yogurt and real maple syrup

I did discover this sweet little evening treat: Cottage cheese topped with some maple syrup sweetened berries, cinnamon, banana, and sunflower seeds. Good protein source and not too heavy for me before bed.

cottage cheese with fruit

We were total storm-chasers on Saturday night at Shelby Bottoms Park. There was an amazing summer thunderstorm moving in just as the sun was setting and we watched the whole thing evolve.

Sun and storm clouds shelby bottoms

Luckily we left the park RIGHT before the huge downpour, although I would not have minded getting caught in a warm summer rain. Bare-feet, piggyback ride, and laying on our backs watching the clouds………perfect Saturday night date.

Perfect sunlight before the downpour

Perfect sunlight before the downpour

I made my favorite dinner this week; the Buddha Bowl. Nothing comforts me like brown rice topped with kale, sauteed  tempeh and rich tahini sauce topped with raw cashews. I added some zucchini that I didn’t use in the muffins. 

kale, tempeh and tahini

My first fresh summer fruit bowl!!! Don’t you love this retro bowl from the 60’s?

fresh fruit bowl

Confession: My zucchini walnut muffins did not turn out good at all! I got the recipe from Viking cooking school but I modified it too much. I used coconut oil instead of canola and brown rice flour instead of whole wheat. And I also added extra zucchini. They were ok right out of the oven but the next day they were a wet, mushy, flavor-less, sticky mess!! My poor BF tried one before I figured out they had basically fermented overnight.

zucchini walnut muffins

 Live and learn…..I’ve said it before- I’m not great at following recipes, I’m better at making them up!


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