Patriotic Parfaits

I know I know, why didn’t I wait until the 4th of July for this post? Well, strawberries are in season right now and isn’t there a flag day coming up? So it’s still timely! I am in love with my new mason jars that my BF bought me. A whole case of these replaced my old drinking glasses that were caked with lipgloss. Gross.

I started with freshly-picked, juicy, local strawberries from the 12South Farmer’s Market

strawberries in mason jar

Add a layer of plain greek yogurt, it’s like thick whipped cream but not too sweet!

strawberries and yogurt

Spread homemade granola with almonds on top of yogurt-

yogurt parfait with granola

Top that with fresh organic blueberries. I got mine on sale at Whole Foods.

berry yogurt parfait

Another spoonful of yogurt-

yogurt berry parfait

And top with more berries and chopped walnuts.

Nuts, Berries, Yogurt parfait

I sprinkled mine with cinnamon and drizzled with local raw honey before serving with a long handled spoon.

I told myself I would just have a few bites because it was so much. That didn’t really come true.


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