Farmer’s Market Finds

Last week was the grand opening of my neighborhood 12South farmer’s market– Yay! This is the one I walked to so much last summer with my dog and bought fresh, local veggies like bok choy, squash, okra, etc to cook immediately. It’s where I was able to experiment so much in the kitchen with good quality produce. It’s a producer’s only market which means the food  is straight from the field and the farmer’s are there selling it- not vendors who ship it in. I am volunteering there this year and will be leading monthly activities around yoga and nutrition- SO excited!

LaChicaNegra LOVES walking with me

LaChicaNegra LOVES walking with me to the market

I am grabbing all of the fresh local strawberries I can because the season is so short. This is my 2nd pint in a week and I wish I had more. They taste NOTHING like the over-sized, rubbery, grocery store berries. They are smaller, sweeter, and juicier! I use them on oatmeal, salads, smoothies, and with yogurt.

local tennessee strawberries

I got these freshly picked organic beets with dirt still on them. I love the greens cooked with coconut oil. They are slightly more bitter than kale but soft like spinach. The beets will be used for, you guessed it- Juicing!!!

fresh organic beets and greens

Even though I haven’t been eating much meat lately, yesterday I was dying for chicken noodle soup. It was chilly and my throat felt scratchy from allergies and all I could think of was my stay-well chicken soup. My bf took me to the downtown farmer’s market to “Wild and Local” a fresh butcher who specialized in local, organic, natural meats of all sorts. I bought a 2.5lb hen and made the soup for supper.

homemade chicken broth

After boiling the whole bird, I de-boned and used the broth full of nutritious root veggies to cook the egg noodles. I threw in some kale leaves toward the end and was able to use my fresh garden herbs: Parsley, cilantro, and rosemary.

There will be many, many more farmer’s markets trips in the next coming months- stay tuned for updates on what’s growing!


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  1. silverbells2012
    May 13, 2013 @ 06:57:43

    Good luck with your volunteering! Sounds like an excellent market 🙂


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