Coconut Adzuki Beans w/Acorn Squash

Here is  a great recipe to try for Meatless Monday- or any day of the week you’d like a hearty, filling meal that tastes like a spicy tropical stew. Beans are a great source of plant protein and there are many varieties to try.

I’ve recently discovered adzuki beans and love them. They are small, solid red beans that hold their texture well. Sort of like a cousin of my beloved black bean. Unlike larger beans, they don’t take too long to cook either so this dish was made in about an hour.

Adzuki Beans

I boiled, then simmered the dried adzuki beans in water until tender.

Acorn Squash

While they were cooking I peeled and chopped an acorn squash. I’m not going to lie- this was not fun- if anyone knows of a trick to easily peel hard winter squash please share! I tried softening it a bit in the microwave but that didn’t help either. Anyway, I got what I needed- some good chunks of sweet orange flesh. You could use butternut squash, or even sweet potatoes in this as well.

In coconut oil I sauteed a half of white onion,  2 cloves of fresh garlic, and  the squash cubes until soft and golden.

squash, onion, garlic

Then I added the beans and poured in one can of coconut milk and stirred well.

coconut milk over beans

The spices I chose to add were: red pepper flakes, cumin, and chili powder which gave it a rich, comforting flavor mixed with the sweetness of the coconut.

spicy bean stew

I let this all simmer so the flavors could mingle together after adding a can of unsalted diced tomatoes with juice.

bean stew

I served over brown rice. It was very filling, yet still not as heavy tasting as a regular chili might be. Good dish to try for a meatless meal!

bean, squash, tomatoes


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