Weekly Nosh-Up

I haven’t had meat for about 8 weeks. In fact, I’ve only had meat twice in the last 3 months, but for some reason yesterday I was craving chicken. Maybe I haven’t had enough protein lately? I’m eating lighter because of not being able to work-out and also in preparation for my trip to Mexico next week as I plan on being in a swimsuit most of the time.

I made chicken fried rice last night. I only ate one small piece of chicken, probably 2 ounces, and it was plenty. Luckily I had my meat-eating man on hand to finish the rest! The addition of store-bought fresh basil was a welcome treat as I haven’t had it since last year’s garden. Can’t wait for Spring to grow my own herbs!!


This week I made a big batch of unsalted roasted almonds to munch on for protein and between meal snacks. I never want to be starving between meals and  eat mindlessly out of hunger.

roasted almonds

I ate lots of baked apples and pears with cinnamon and walnuts.

apples with cinnamon

I spoon them over yogurt or mix with oatmeal.

Greek Yogurt with Winter Fruit Bake

I also stocked up on carrots, celery, and green apples for more juicing. I am so going to miss my juicer on vacation!

The other thing I’ve enjoyed a lot this week is freshly ground peanut butter. I spread on rice cakes and top with honey for a sweet treat, or put on whole grain tortillas with sliced bananas for lunch on the go.

sweet treat honey and PB

All in all a good week of protein, fresh produce, and lots of hot tea as I patiently await that warm weather ahead.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. healthygirlandthecity
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 20:58:57

    love the rice cake + nut butter + honey combo!


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