Weekend Nosh-Up

This week I have been really watching what I eat since I have to stay away from the gym and exercising for awhile. I can still teach yoga, I  just can’t push myself physically like I like to do. My glute/hip issue that happened back in June is Baaaack and it’s now spread to my core and hip flexor. So I have to REST. I am embracing this fact and not fighting it like usual.  I’m taking full of advantage of the extra time to study, write, and clean up my diet.

I’m still not eating meat so my lunches look something like this: Grains, Legumes, Veggies, fresh cilantro and avocado

beans rice yams

My snacks have been fresh juice made by the “Acme Supreme Juicer-Rater” (said in deep radio announcer voice)

Carrot, ginger, green apple

Back to the beets in the juicer this week- they are so pretty and taste great!

Beet Carrot Apple Ginger

Breakfast and evening snacks have been my overnight oats with a twist. I’ve started adding seeds, dried cranberries and chopped dates along with the apples, nuts, cinnamon and honey.

overnight oats

It’s really becomes more of a muesli after soaking in almond milk all night. I top with sliced bananas and a dollop of peanut butter.

overnight oats

I’ve been drinking warm water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning to cleanse my digestive and lymphatic systems

100_2205This rest is an opportunity to cut back on empty calories and heavy foods. I feel lighter which in turn I think will help my body use the energy to heal. It’s also a good time to re-evaluate my work-outs and why I push so hard at the gym. I’m learning to listen to my body more and more and when it says “NO” I need to respect that, instead of always pushing through the pain.


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