Juice Love

When I gave my sweetie his Valentine’s cookies I included a card that listed the many things I admire in him. It included things like….he’s kind, compassionate, smart, loves my dogs, etc. But the one thing I’m really smitten with right now is his bad-ass 1980’s era juicer-ator. He brought it over and left it for me to use knowing how much I’ve been wanting to juice. This is no fancy pants, modern-day, slick juicer with celebrity endorsements.

This is a bad mamma-jamma that he has had for over 20 years and it’s still going strong. This was juicing before juicing was cool.  The name “Acme Supreme JUICErator” is enough to make it ultra-cool and reminds me of something from the old roadrunner-coyote cartoons.

The Juicerator in action!

The Juicerator in action!

Needless to say-I have been juicing like crazy every morning. It’s SO different than my thick, pulpy blender juices I used to make. Although I will still drink those occasionally.

green smoothie

My favorite right now is Beet/Carrot/Apple/Ginger

beet juice

This morning I didn’t have beets so I did Carrot/Apple/Celery/Ginger


I always had a twist of lemon for some tartness and more Vitamin C.


Ginger provides a nice spicy bite and is a natural anti-inflammatory that aids in digestion.

Who needs coffee with these fresh vitamins, phytonutrients,  and plant energy going directly into my bloodstream, bypassing any heavy digestive work?

I can’t wait to try more combinations like Pear/Pineapple/Basil and Spinach/Apple/Beet

I feel so in love with this big, sturdy, healthy machine and I can’t wait to see it every morning when I wake up! Oh yeah, I like the owner too……


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PJ
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 14:57:26

    They look great – I especially like the beet & ginger one x


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