Give it a Rest

“In the coming week, you are completely excused from having to change
anything about yourself or your life. Stay exactly the same! Be frozen in
time. Resist the urge to tinker. Take a vacation from life’s relentless
command to evolve”

This was my weekly horoscope message from Rob Brezney’s Freewill Astrology.

I don’t live by astrology, but Rob Brezney is an awesome writer so I enjoy his weekly tidbits of wisdom. I particularly love this one because for some reason when we get permission from other’s to “rest and take it easy” it makes it easier for us to do so. Why is that? Why do we need the approval of others in order to slow down and not try so hard? Brezney must know that Capricorns are notorious for being overly ambitious; after all, we are mountain goats that want to CLIMB and we love a challenge. So the thought of a week of staying the same and not tinkering sounds scary, yet divine.  Even though our  New Year’s Resolutions are only a month old, maybe a short time away from them is just what we need right about now. For some of us, this might mean taking a physical break and resting our bodies. For others, it might mean a mental vacation from all of our planning and goal setting.


A lot can happen when we stop pushing and trying so hard. Think about baking a cake: After you’ve assembled all of the ingredients, poured the batter into the right pan, set the oven to the correct temperature,  you put it in and leave it alone right? You don’t DO anything. You let the oven’s heat and the batter do it’s thing and become a beautiful cake.  The same goes for planting seeds and bulbs. Once we’ve planted, watered,  and supplied the proper sunlight, we step back and do NOTHING. We leave it alone to transform without our help. In fact, we can damage both the cake and the seedling if we intrude on their process.


This week I will try to implement this mentality into my daily life. I will not tinker. I will stay the same. I will stop any inclination to change anything about myself or my life as it is right now.  I will let the cake bake, the seeds sprout and my process  unfold naturally.

My Morning Glories from seed

My Morning Glories from seed


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