Super Simple Salsa

This is more of a summer dish but since I am off sodium for a couple weeks I cannot use my beloved salsa. I use salsa on most everything so I had to put together my own version without salt.  I have cut out sodium for the next 2 weeks and am drinking plenty of distilled water to flush out my system. I’m eating smaller, more frequent meals and taking a break from meat. I’ve also stopped using my whey powder to give my body a rest from processing so much protein.  And yes, I miss my sticky balls terribly and cannot wait to make them!!

This is a very simple and fresh salad or condiment with NO salt. Avocado is also one of the best sources for healthy fat that our bodies need.

Cube one fresh avocado and one small red tomato


Mince fresh cilantro and white onion. I used only about an 1/8 of an onion as I don’t like a strong onion flavor in my salsa.


Squeeze half a fresh lime over the avocado. This adds tartness and also keeps the avocado from browning.


Sprinkle with pepper and cumin and add a dash of white wine vinegar. I used my fav lemon pepper from trader joe’s.


Stir gently and allow to chill and marinate in the fridge for an hour or longer.


I was a little heavy handed while stirring so it’s a bit smoother than I wanted it to be.


The liquid made it a little mushy and more like a guacamole. I prefer it firmer.

I served over red and black beans and brown rice. Optional add ins would be minced hot pepper and fresh garlic.

100_1823This is great as a topping for broiled fish or chicken, served with scrambled eggs or spread on a whole wheat tortilla or eaten by itself as a side salad.


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