Winter Greens

The coldest day of December so far- this morning was 32 degrees outside and windy. Inside the farmer’s market was even colder, only a few of the stands were up and running. There was a lot of citrus fruit and packaged nuts but I was looking for the local, in-season vegetables.

Right away I spotted this awesome fresh broccoli grown within miles.


Home grown broccoli tastes better than the tight store-bought kind for some reason. I picked the stems with as many green leaves still attached, I like to use those too.

The next stand had 2 favorites- Freshly picked kale and homegrown spinach!


Both of these excited me enough to stand in the freezing cold and dig through for the darkest foliage.


Why do I get so excited about fresh greens???
1. They are FULL of phytonutrients- living cells that promote LIFE

2. Greens provide us with more calcium than milk and our bodies are able to absorb it better.

3. Great source for Folic acid, Vitamin C, and Fiber

4. I love supporting local farmers/gardeners and I love knowing where my food came from. The shorter the route from the ground to the body is always a good goal.

These will be great in my smoothies and also sauteed with coconut oil.


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