Red Cornmeal Breaded Chicken

I bought some Red Heirloom Cornmeal at the farmers market the other day. I was dying to try a clean cornbread recipe and ended up making this instead.

I mixed the cornmeal with some whole wheat flour and salt and lemon pepper. I have to give a shout-out to Trader Joe’s brand lemon pepper that comes in it’s own grinder mill. It is SO good on just about everything- it’s spicy and tart and seems to have a slight garlic taste. Definitely a good condiment to have on hand.


I dipped chicken breasts in egg and then the cornmeal mixture.  It was coarsely ground and you could see the red specks in it.


The egg helps the flour mixture stick to the meat

The egg helps the flour mixture stick to the meat

I placed in a baking pan along with baby carrots, garlic cloves, celery and red potatoes.


I covered and baked slowly on 325 for about 2 hours


The seasonings were great that I used on the vegetables- just a little Herbs de Provence.


I have to say the cornmeal was a little gritty- a bit too coarsely ground, but better than being mushy. It did form a nice crunchy layer on the meat sealing in the juice. I did end up making a healthy cornbread with it too and will post that recipe soon!


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