Roast Beef with Root Vegetables

As the weather gets colder my body starts to crave animal protein. In particular, red meat.  Cravings are not a bad thing, they are our body’s way of letting us know what we need and when we need it. If we listen to our cravings and make sensible choices then we can begin to use food as fuel rather than recreation. I also crave a lot of root vegetables this time of year. The grounding energy and natural sweetness satisfy my needs for stability, centeredness and SUGAR.

I bought a tri-tip roast at Trader Joe’s. Quality is important when choosing animal protein.  Since I only crave red meat a couple times a year,  I make sure to buy good quality beef.  It’s better to pay a little more for grass-fed, steroid free beef and not ingest unnecessary additives and hormones.


I placed the meat in a baking dish and added: Garlic cloves, yellow onion, parsnips and red skinned potatoes.  I think parsnips get forgotten and passed over sometimes but they are really sweet and easy to cook.  Think of them the next time you want to use carrots for something.  I seasoned with salt, lemon pepper and herbs de provence. I don’t like to over-season as I enjoy the natural taste the meat and vegetables create on their own.


I topped with baby carrots and placed the covered dish in a 325 degree oven for 3 hours. Slow cooking creates more flavor and juice.


I checked the meat halfway through with a fork. It’s done when it falls easily apart.


This is great leftover as well.


Pay attention to your cravings and make smart choices by being mindful and not impulsive. Your body will respond positively when you supply it with what it needs.


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  1. A Table in the Sun
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 20:51:01

    I’ve been focusing on roasted parsnips lately. So soul soothing.


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