Me and Coffee: Is it really over??

Sometimes when I’m cold and lonely I still long for it…….

It’s been over 4 weeks with no coffee.

Instead I have been drinking a lot of herbal tea and warm lemon water in the mornings. The warm lemon water goes down first on an empty stomach to help clear out my lymphatic system. Then either a green smoothie and/or some tea. I’ve taken a fancy to Yerba Mate which is a natural energizer from South America and although it contains some caffeine, it is less acidic than coffee and does not leave me jittery or nervous.

So how do I feel? I feel amazing. My sleep is 99% better, no more waking up at night. My energy levels have evened out and feel more natural. My digestive system is calmer. My moods and attitude are calmer and more balanced. And this all from just giving up ONE cup of coffee.  But I am not anti-coffee for everyone.

Believe it or not, there are some positive things about coffee:

It creates alertness, an improved sense of concentration,  and reduces muscle pain as it may stimulate certain hormones. It also supplies antioxidants.

The downside: It’s hard on your blood pressure/cardiovascular system and digestive system. It can cause stress, emotional disturbances, both male and female problems , premature aging, nutritional deficiencies and adrenal exhaustion. And it’s addictive so it can be a HUGE pain when you run out unexpectedly.

I have nothing against coffee. I think everyone is different and if it treats you right stay with it. If you are having issues though you may want to consider cutting back.  The side-effects of stopping will subside in a matter of days.  The biggest lesson for me has been this:  It’s perfectly OK to feel slow and easy in the mornings, that is our natural state. Enjoy waking up and allowing the day to unfold rather than jolting your body into a false sense of high alert.


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