Chili with Polenta

Chili is like the high school boyfriend that you see after 20 years. He might look different and wear expensive suits and be married and have a successful career, but deep inside is that endearingly awkward dufus who said he loved you in 10th grade. You can dress it up all you want, but chili should be red and taste like chili. Not white or green or sweet or chilled. Chili has taken on so many characteristics and variations that sometimes it barely resembles Chili.

I like to keep it fairly simple and healthy

I start with soaking and boiling red beans. I don’t like the texture or taste of canned beans. I use ground turkey but it can be made with beef or meatless. Which, by the way, if you are in texas and ask for meatless chili they will ask you to please the state. I know this because I lived there and tried it.

After browning the turkey meat, I simmer garlic and onion until soft. I add 1 large can of crushed tomatoes, 1 large can of tomato sauce and freshly chopped tomatoes.

I add in the red beans and liberal amounts of chili powder, cumin,  black pepper , red pepper flakes and a slight dash of cinnamon.

I tossed in a bag of frozen black beans and the remains of a jar of salsa from the fridge.

I let cook on low for about 3 hours.

I served over polenta and topped with plain greek yogurt

Simple, Hearty, Uncomplicated, and Satisfying. Why didn’t I marry that guy from 10th grade?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. PJ Girl
    Nov 17, 2012 @ 17:23:09

    Love the analogy 🙂


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