Green Morning Juice

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve quit my cup of morning coffee. I’ve found what I miss the most is the ritual of preparing the coffee. The smell of the grounds, the sound of the coffee pot brewing, setting out my cup, pouring almond milk into it, etc. All of these signaled my brain to begin the day and to Wake Up!

I’ve started a new ritual  now that keeps my hands and head focused while I am coming out of my sleep state and preparing for morning meditation by making a veggie/fruit smoothie.  I always drink the smoothie first thing to get nutrients into my system after many hours with no food. This kicks my metabolism into gear and gets my digestive up and ready for the day.  I used to throw hot acidic coffee into my empty stomach and not eat for an hour or two and I wondered why my stomach, nervous system and energy levels were so out of whack.

I start with unfiltered apple juice as the base for kale and spinach leaves. I’ll then throw in a sliced apple, some berries, a banana, a little honey and maybe some yogurt. It really depends what mood I’m in.

My “Pre-Breakfast” meal

Some mornings I want it simple and clear,

I use a blender to keep the fiber of the pulp that a juicer removes.

others I want it with a little frothiness and pulp.

Lots of blueberries in this one

I’ve found my entire body responds well to drinking my food first thing upon waking. I get an immediate burst of natural energy without the caffeine jitters. My stomach feels better too without the acidity of the coffee.

You will get used to the interesting green colors

Store bought juices have a high sugar content, I prefer to make my own and it’s also much fresher. I know exactly what is going into them too.

A glass of greens provides more calcium than a glass of milk

Read more about juicing in a blender here. How we begin our day sets the tone for the rest of it. If we start with healthy nourishment, both physically and mentally, then we can continue our day around those intentions.

What is your morning ritual?


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  1. myrealfoodfamily
    Nov 11, 2012 @ 19:43:53

    This sounds like a great alternative to coffee! I don’t drink coffee every day but have found that I miss the ritual of holding the coffee cup in the morning.


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