Coffee, tea or enlightenment?

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years but have been so focused on the Asanas (postures/poses) that I have not given enough time and effort to deepening my meditation practice. Although I  do a small amount every time I do yoga, a few minutes at the beginning and a few at the end, it is not enough for me lately. I want to incorporate deeper meditation into my daily routine. It’s good timing because I recently gave up coffee and switched to green tea. Coffee and meditation don’t really go together.

I wanted some guidance on how to begin in earnest so I went to my original source of knowledge; my 1st yoga teacher, a practicing buddhist and 30+ year yoga instructor/practitioner. She is a wise woman who has spent much of her life studying all things related to my quest. I asked her if she could teach me to meditate properly. Her answer: “You just need to do it

She is the same one who told me many years ago, as she pulled my arm through a small space between my legs and got me into my first bind,  “When the student is ready the teacher will arrive”  I think sometimes we forget we can often be our own best teachers.

She did offer tips: start small so as to not get frustrated; 1-3 minutes at a time both morning and night, when the mind is half awake and half asleep it is easier to slip into the realm of un-doing. Let thoughts arise and then let them go.

She also gave this great analogy: The mind is in a constant state of turbulence just like an airplane that has taken off the ground and going through the clouds. As soon as we can release into stillness, it is like the plane has broken though the clouds and the turbulence stops and everything smooths out. That’s meditation.

And so I began this week, twice a day, sitting with myself, breathing and observing my thoughts, letting them come and go without attachment or judgement. And without coffee.

I am patient and I am willing. And that’s really all it takes to learn right?


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