Crispy Rice Treats

Here is a recipe that uses Brown Rice Syrup that I posted about earlier as a sugar substitute. This is super easy to make and tastes so much better than traditional Rice Krispies which are loaded with sugar and butter. I learned this at my last cooking class at Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health. It is an amazing place and I am so happy I was able to be a part of the nutrition class. I learned so many new things that compliment my school training.

For these treats you will need brown rice syrup (located by honey/maple syrup/sweeteners), vanilla, peanut butter, crisp rice cereal (brown or regular). Brown rice cereal is harder to find and pretty pricey so I used trader joe’s regular.

Stir 1 cup syrup, 2/3 cup peanut butter and dash of vanilla and salt over medium heat until it thins and starts to bubble.

Pour 3 cups cereal into square pan.

I started with half the amount, added the syrup, and then stirred in additional cereal.

Mix well, press down and let cool.

Cut into squares. The amazing thing is you will swear there are marshmallows in this. The gooey brown rice syrup and peanut butter are a perfect combination. You can also add in: dark chocolate pieces, peanuts, almond pieces or cashews. This recipe is not brain surgery but I had never cooked with brown rice syrup before and these are pretty addicting for being sugar free!!


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