Tahini Tempeh Stir-Fry

Let me start by saying Tahini is such a forgotten condiment (at least it was for me) and so amazingly delicious! It’s also very versatile; it can be used as a dressing, marinade or topping for meat and veggies.  I’ve even had Tahini cookies which tasted like peanut butter cookies. It’s roasted sesame seed puree but you won’t find it with the other nut butters. It’s usually in the Middle Eastern/Ethnic section of most grocery stores. I learned this dressing recipe in the cooking/nutrition class where I am volunteering and observing.

Whisk together 1/2 cup tahini with water, enough to make it as thin as you desire. Add 3 Tblspn fresh lemon juice,

2 minced garlic gloves, 2 Tblspn Tamari, 2 Tblspn Maple Syrup. Whisk away, store in fridge. The can of Tahini should also be stored in the fridge.

For my protein, I cubed up a square of Tempeh (fermented soy)

and sauteed with some scallions and carrots in coconut oil. I didn’t need anymore garlic as the tahini that I was going to use later had plenty.

After it had slightly browned, I added shelled edamame (soy beans- found in frozen vegetable section) and drizzled in some tahini dressing.

I added a touch more tahini before serving over brown rice. Because in all honesty, I could drink the stuff I love it so much.

With this dish you are getting a great source of plant protein plus a whole grain. It works well left over so make a large batch for later in the week.  I also have half my Tahini dressing ready to be used on salads or greens as I wish.

Tofu can be substituted if you prefer the softer texture. I like the chewier, denser tempeh.  Which do you prefer?


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  1. A Table in the Sun
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 17:06:42

    Sounds like a yummy vegetarian dish. Well played with the tahini.


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