Carrot-Berry Blaster

The afternoon slump: That time of day when our blood sugar has fallen from lunch and it’s too early to eat dinner. You’re tired, grumpy and more than likely dehydrated. This is when I used to make a run for a local coffee shop for something caffeinated, preferably sweet and cold too. I wanted that instant “energy” (chemicals and sugar) in my bloodstream. And it worked. For a minute.  Then I crashed again as my blood sugar plummeted once more from the simple carbs. The caffeine made me shaky and more irritable too. Fun.

These days when I need a pick-me-up or just some healthy instant energy I make a fruit/veggie juice in my blender.

Nature’s Starbucks…i found this awesome photo online

Earlier I wrote about making juices/smoothies in a standard blender if you don’t have access to a juicer. What you will get is all the skin, pulp and fiber that a juicer would strain out. Either way is great.

Stack blender with Kale or Spinach. Add water to cover half. Blend on high until liquified.

Add baby carrots, sliced apple, dash of honey and frozen berries. I used a blueberry, blackberry, rasberry blend.

Blend on High until frothy.

Dark rich colors = antioxidants

I add some ice as well to make it thick and icy. I’ve been having one almost everyday and my energy levels have evened out completely. No more slumps. Lots of healthy snacking helps with that too.

Try adding some of the following to see what tastes you like: Ginger, Garlic, Lemon, Lime, Beets….it’s a great experiment.


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