Stewed Broccoli Rapini and Tomatoes

This is my first attempt to cook this dark leafy green which is not related to Broccoli. If you are expecting the flavor of broccoli it is a long ways off, it is closer to turnip greens.  It is considered among one of the most nutrient dense vegetables along with Kale and Spinach. Read more about it here.

I had some left over bradley tomatoes which I am certain are the last of the year so I wanted to use those as well. I made this recipe up as I chopped whatever was in front of me.

I went with an italian theme of stewed tomato/garlic/olive oil and then added in the greens after cutting off the tough stems.

Like most greens, they cook down to practically nothing so a large amount won’t equal much after cooked.

I added fresh sliced mushrooms, a dash of salt, red pepper and vinegar and let the whole thing simmer for about 30 minutes. I treated it like I would kale and didn’t overcook it but wanted to get the toughness out.

Broccoli Rapini or Raabe is a bitter green so I wanted something substantial to serve it with. Pasta would’ve been too light. I made a quick batch of polenta with feta cheese.

I will be honest and tell you I should’ve stuck with my italian theme and used parmesan cheese in the polenta. The feta and bitter greens did not compliment each other. Bad idea.

This is just one more example of my undying delusional devotion to feta cheese and thinking it should work with everything. I love feta, but it has it’s place and time and doesn’t always mix well with other foods. It’s like the bad boyfriend that you just keep trying to make fit into your life and no one gets him but you….That’s me with feta…..sigh.

Otherwise the greens were delicious and bitter and fit perfectly with the tomatoes!


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