Simple Tilapia with Broccoli

Many people want to enjoy the benefits of fish (Omega 3 fatty acids, lean protein source) but are unsure of how to cook it.

My mantra for cooking fish is “Don’t **** with it!”

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with recipes, condiments, ingredients, spices, and flavor options that we are scared of our own kitchen. Fish is one thing that is best when left mostly alone which makes it super easy to cook for yourself. There is really no need to go through numerous steps and time-consuming effort to prepare a healthy meal.

I start with a clean, rinsed filet of tilapia.

Drizzle fish with a combination of the following: Choose 1 citrus: lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit,  1 acidic: cider vinegar, flavored vinegar, vinegarette dressing (I don’t recommend balsamic vinegar for white fish, it’s too strong of a flavor) and 1 oil (olive, sesame, grape-seed)

Choose 2 or 3 spices, be imaginative and experiment.  I used cumin, red pepper and a small dash of ginger.  The key is to sprinkle lightly so that the flavor does not overtake the fish. White fish is very mild and absorbs flavor easily.  Other options: garlic, dill, thyme, pepper, herbs de provence, chili powder. Just remember with fish: Less is More.

Place on foil lined pan and bake in 375 degree oven approximately 10-12 minutes checking often. Cooked fish should flake easily with a fork.

Any fish can be prepared like this but the cooking time will vary depending on the thickness of it. White fish is flakier, darker fish is meatier. I like to grill the darker fish: tuna, salmon and I like to bake/broil the white: cod, tilapia.

Broccoli is a perfect companion to fish. Use the extra marinade that was not used for fish on the broccoli and place in oven about 5 minutes before fish.

Depending how well-cooked you like it, let roast until edges begin to brown slightly.

Sprinkle both with a lemon wedge and enjoy!


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