The awkward tweens

Today was a perfect day between Summer and Autumn. It was sunny and warm, yet still had the crispness of fall in the air. People were everywhere outside enjoying the day but it was hard to decide to wear shorts or long sleeves.  I ended up in my bathing suit by the pool soaking up the sun but it was too cool to go in the water. The coconut smell of suntan lotion seemed to not fit in any longer. It always makes me sad when it’s pool-closing time…..

Even the farmers market seemed to be caught between summer and fall. There were peaches (from Idaho) and local tomatoes alongside beets and winter squash. There were pumpkins and mums side by side with the last of the summer corn.  I couldn’t decide if I felt like sliced tomatoes or butternut squash soup…So I bought a little of everything.

How do you feel in transitions?  Sometimes that energy can feel frantic when we don’t know which direction to go. It’s like the teenage years of not being a child and not being an adult- so much restless energy with no clear path. Following the earth’s natural rhythms can help us through these short times of transition. The days are getting shorter and our bodies will begin to get sleepier earlier, this is part of our circadian rhythms working with nature. Rather than forcing the seasons and weather to change, or forcing ourselves to stay awake longer with artificial light, we can just sit and allow it to be what it is.  Soon enough all signs of summer will be gone and we can rest easy in the comfort of Fall.


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  1. silverbells2012
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 02:29:05

    Somehow we’ve missed the tween days and gone straight into winter here…. though who knows, it could be a heatwave next week! It is sad to say goodbye to summer but as I get older I like autumn and winter more and more 🙂
    The fruit and veg look so colourful and tasty in the above photo, by the way.


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