Neighborhood Farmers Market

I’m lucky enough to live in an area that has a small local weekly farmers market within dog-walking distance of my house. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so we headed out to the park where it is held. Besides fresh seasonal produce there was a local juice company (I sampled the green juice with lime, kale, apple), salsa maker (sampled the mild), baker, grass-fed beef, and goat cheese (sampled, sampled, sampled).

I was happy to see these baby cherry tomatoes on stems along side the romas and heirlooms.

The beautiful purple okra looked fake it was so perfect! It reminds me of Chihuly glass art.

This beekeeper had candles, raw honey and beeswax squares for sale.

I met some raw food “cooks” (is there such a thing?) who gave samples of  cilantro raw crackers and cashew hummus. They told me all of their food is made with seeds and nuts and whatever produce is in season, including dessert items.

This little stand won ‘Best in show’ in my opinion. They had zinnias, radishes and fresh herbs on display. The radishes were so big I thought they were beets.

The market is going on until November and I cannot wait to see what Autumn will bring to the tables. More to come later in the fall……


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