Vitamin R

I need some rest. And by rest I don’t mean sleep. I mean relaxing without running around and being “busy” and on a constant schedule. I was so tired last night after work, meetings and traffic that I just wanted to lay on my couch instead of going to the gym. But I could tell it was mental exhaustion not physical, so I made myself go. I knew I would feel better if I went. And I did, and I do. But I had to break out my 80’s PRINCE music to get me motivated for a leg workout so that helped.

So this weekend I hope to REST. Relax, chill, lounge, maybe even try to nap. Something I’m not great at but am working on.

Our minds need rest too, not just our physical bodies. With so much information and incoming data we need to take the time to stop it all and just give our minds some breathing room. Whatever that means to you- it doesn’t have to be meditation, maybe it’s light reading or walking. Maybe it’s flipping through a magazine on your couch. Whatever allows your wheels to stop turning and let the thought process clear and de-clutter. Everyone talks about unplugging the phone, the computer, the tv, but it’s harder and harder to do with our lives becoming so seemingly dependent on technology.  Especially if you’re not naturally inclined to understand technology like I’m not- I’m constantly frying my brain trying to figure stuff out. All of that brain overtime can eventually lead to physical distress;  headaches, ulcers, insomnia not to mention weakened immune system, exhaustion and general crankiness.

So my plan is to rest saturday. No running around, grocery shopping, cooking 8 different things. No yard-work, big hikes or hard workouts. No to-do lists, projects or jobs for at least 24 full hours. That’s a lot to ask for from a Type A person like myself who loves to be active and moving my body.  Of course it helps that I will be staying with my mom to help her after foot surgery. It’s easier to rest when we are out of our own familiar environment. It’s not as tempting to start projects or finish something that needs to be done.  Will the world end if we don’t do a load of laundry or put away the dishes?

Resting is so beneficial- our cells rejuvenate, our muscles rebuild, our brain is refreshed. That’s why everyone feels great after a vacation. What can you do to build in rest time for yourself every week? Even if just for one hour?


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  1. silverbells2012
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 02:53:05

    Hope you’ve been getting your rest this weekend. I know what you mean about having to plan in rest time and almost force yourself to do it. I am getting better at recognising I need to do it, though.
    I went part time six months ago and that has helped me enormously. I’m a 24/7 single parent and without that space I had no time to unwind, even if I’d wanted to, but now there are whole new vistas of opportunity 🙂


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