Cheating vs Treating

I allow myself one “cheat/treat day” during my week of clean healthy eating. At IIN where I am studying nutrition, the 90/10 rule is an example of  a good dietary balance. It means if 90% of the time you choose healthy food, then 10% of the time you can allow yourself other things that may not be in your ordinary plan. Last night was my night to eat whatever I wanted- my treat night. Some  refer to it as a “cheat” day but  I don’t like calling it cheating because that assumes that it’s bad and I’m doing something wrong when in reality it’s good to have balance in food and life.  I had quinoa and fried avocado tacos with mole sauce at a local restaurant. They were to DIE for- so fresh and yummy!  I brought half my dinner home for leftovers today. This restaurant uses local, fresh ingredients and grass fed beef. I am for sure trying a cheeseburger the next time I go.

After dinner was the real treat- Gelato!

I used to “cheat” with frozen yogurt from a franchise and I would always order the sugar-free vanilla, trying to be healthy but I’d end up feeling cheated because it was so unsatisfying and bland. The air and chemicals used in the processing brought no flavor satisfaction. Now I’ve discovered a small local italian restaurant that makes homemade gelato fresh daily. There are always new flavors to try: Guava avocado, honey walnut, berry cheesecake, tiramisu- the chef is incredibly creative. And the real ingredients are filling and satisfying. Gelato is made with milk, cream, sugar, fruits and other natural ingredients. Not low calorie, but less fat than ice cream,  italian gelato has 4-8% butterfat compared to 14% in american ice cream. One small scoop of gelato equals more lasting happiness than a big bucket of chemically laden sugar free frozen yogurt.  Real food wins again!!

How do you treat yourself with real food?


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  1. lovenaturalfood
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 10:03:57

    Great balance between healthy eating and the odd treat – so important to have a treat every now and then!


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