Rooted and Lifted #dp challenge weekly photo challenge Growth

I love trees. Oaks, Palms, Pines, Willows, Magnolias, even the scary trees in the Wizard of Oz. Really any kind of tree gets my attention and respect. I love the root systems that are developed deep in the earth as the branches reach for the light of the sun. I love the fact that they stay around as long as possible, just soaking up the light and growing stronger and deeper. I love that they renew themselves every spring and let go of leaves in the fall. I love that they go dormant in the winter and seem dead but inside sap is flowing and new growth is occurring.

Asheville – tree in a sidewalk

Check out this root system! Talk about being grounded

No surprise that Vriksasana is one of my favorite yoga poses. In balancing poses, like tree pose,  it’s easy to get frustrated. Sooooo easy! It is one of the poses that tends to create frustration, impatience, and general discouragement.  Balance poses are humbling, they are great mirrors to see where we tend to be harsh and judgmental with ourselves. But tree pose can be beautiful and liberating. If patience and compassion can be invited into this pose then we can really be like trees: grounded, rooted, yet reaching and growing all the time. Constantly letting go and renewing. Being totally OK with wind and change.

My sugar maple in September

I love the last big show they put on before letting go of what no longer serves them and prepare to renew themselves with rest. All of that energy shared and then used within. I love trees.


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