The Present is Perfect


“The fact is, the nature of perfection is always mutating. What constitutes enlightenment today will always be different tomorrow. Even if you’re fortunate and wise enough to score a sliver of “enlightenment,” it’s not a static treasure that becomes your indestructible, everlasting possession. Rather, it remains a mercurial knack that must be continually re-earned.

If you want to befriend the Divine Wow, you must not only be willing to change ceaselessly — you have to love to change ceaselessly”- Rob Brezney from his book *PRONOIA IS THE ANTIDOTE FOR PARANOIA*

I like this because it lets me relax a little and not work so hard for my idea of perfection being “out there” in the future. Because, as he points out, you will never get there as it is always changing. What perfection looks like today will be different tomorrow and so on. So the best path to perfection is to live in the present moment. Yet that is so hard for us to do. When are we not thinking of tomorrow, yesterday, next week, next year, last year? None of those things exist. Just now. When I need to bring myself back to the present I connect with my breath. I feel it, hear it, observe it. Nothing fancy or forced, just observation of my inhales and exhales. A calmness washes over me and my mind chatter slows down. I begin to feel grounded. I begin to feel whole. I become present.

In Yoga, the Asanas (postures) teach us to be flexible and Pranayama (breath) teaches us to be present. The breath carries us through the postures creating greater flexibility in change.

Can you try to connect with the present moment by breathing deeply the next time you feel scattered or agitated? Can you give someone your complete presence the next time you are with them and feel the difference it makes?


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