Summer Love Affair

It is the middle of summer. The days are long and sunny, less clothing is worn and more of our inner and outer senses are exposed to nature.  Our bodies and spirits feel freer than any other time of year. It’s a time of blooming when everyone and everything is showing off beautiful bright colors and rich ripe fruit. It’s a time when chances are taken that may not be taken during other times of the year. It’s a time when things come together in perfect union to create magic combinations. It’s almost like a romance novel……“When this juicy, ripe, yellow-striped beauty…..


meets this strong handsome gorgeous guy…….


A sultry summer love affair unfolds and they must find a way to be together!!!!…..”


Freshly torn basil leaves on top of tomato slices are a classic summer combination. You could sliver the leaves with a knife but I like to rip them by hand. And I could tell you to add sea salt, or cracked pepper, or goat cheese, or balsamic vinegar and oil….but I’m not going to. Instead I invite you to taste the pure savory licorice of the basil mingled with the sweet tartness (yes, they are sweet and tart at the same time- magic!) of the tomato and let that be enough. This is what mid-July would taste like if it had a flavor, and the fact that they are both in peak season makes me think they were destined to be together.


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