Open Space

One of the most challenging things about the Law of Attraction for me is that period of openness and clear space that is necessary in order to allow new things to come into my life. A favorite quote is “Create space and a bigger life happens”  To me that means: Get rid of the clutter, the junk, the toxic relationships, the clothes that don’t fit, the things that no longer serve you and make room for new fresh opportunities. If your space is jam-packed with “stuff” then there is no room for all the new cool things to come in. That all sounds great except for that moment of emptiness in between. That uncertain, unfamiliar feeling of not being surrounded by your stuff.

Imagine ordering all new beautiful furniture for your house that is going to be delivered and set up in a couple days. Well in order to put the new furniture in you have to get rid of the old furniture; the chair your grandmother gave you, the table from your ex, the rug that you had as a teenager, even the old photos on the wall…all that stuff needs to go to create space for the new. In that moment you are left standing in a big empty room as you await your new furniture-panic sets in. You immediately miss your “stuff” even though it stunk and was worn out. You’re not sure when you’re new furniture will arrive and you may even have to sleep on the floor for the night. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes we avoid it altogether by keeping the old stuff so we don’t have to see the dust bunnies and hear the echo off the empty walls. Then the truck pulls up and your beautiful new furniture arrives and is placed in the big empty room that you have cleaned and dusted. Doesn’t that feel amazing? Isn’t the room brighter, bigger, fresher? Doesn’t the new couch feel so much better?

Can you stand that moment of “in-between” old and new? Can you create the space for a bigger life and stand in an empty room appreciating the beauty of anticipation? Do you trust the Universe to deliver your new goods in perfect timing?

Sleeping on the floor for a couple of nights never hurt anyone……


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  1. jennysserendipity
    Aug 16, 2012 @ 00:26:34

    I agree !


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